"Live Music Encounters" for Kindergartens, Elementary and Secondary Schools

Levinsky School of Music Education

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About the Live Music Encounters

The Community Program
"Live Music Encounters" for Kindergartens, Elementary and Secondary Schools,
as a Means of Addressing Social Inclusion and Mutual Respect.
Pedagogical Director, Dr. Dan Sagiv - since 2015
Previous Pedagogical Director, Dr. Dochy Lichtensztajn - until 2014

This community program is based on some of the major goals of music education and music listening:

1.To cultivate a creative dimension of music listening as a way of thinking in and with sound through a common experience, sharing together the pre-learned repertoires and the live concerts , and encouraging listening behavior and mutual respect for particularities in styles, contents and audiences.

2. To expose the young audience to a wide repertoire of symphonic and chamber music with the goal of enhancing listening skills and appreciation for different kinds of music. At the same time the Levinsky Live Music Encounters program has developed a concept of its own – to make frequent encounters with live music a chief component of the school curricula.

To this end, the L.M.E program is made up of three components:

  • In-class activities in which the young students learn with the music teacher the works that are played, later on, at the live concerts.
  • In-school chamber ensemble performances moderated by young animateurs (graduates of the Levinsky School of Music Education). These performances are held prior to the final concerts and focus on the works played at the final concerts. They allow the pupils to get to know the musicians and their instruments in a more intimate setting.
  • Final live concerts at the community auditorium, which are the culmination of the in-school musical preparation activities.